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Tips on finding a job

How to be a smarter job seeker

11:34am Wednesday 8th June 2011

When looking for a job you often need to come up with more creative and smarter ways to stand out from the competition. So what is it that some jobseekers do that they often seem to find a new job faster than others? Oftentimes, it is one of these 10 things that make your job search smarter:

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Five steps to changing your career

11:30am Wednesday 8th June 2011

Sometimes, we all experience a low at work and feel like we just want to leave our jobs and do something completely different. Often this feeling goes away and things go back to normal. But if things don't go back to normal and you're craving for a new challenge, it might be time for a change. It could also be that your life circumstances have changed, you have been made redundant, you got married or you moved to another city.

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Top employment trends to watch this year

11:21am Wednesday 8th June 2011

After the public sector job losses and with high youth unemployment, the UK labour market is still very fragile. At the same time, the number of private sector jobs is growing and a recent study among UK business leaders by CareerBuilder.co.uk showed more cautious hiring trends across all industries.

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Does an MBA make a difference?

10:05am Tuesday 18th January 2011

Approximately 12,000 MBAs graduate each year from UK business schools, according to the Careers Advisory Service at the University of Kent. But is the investment of time and money worth it? Can this piece of paper really magically transport you to a better place?

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