IT is only the beginning for Jahmene Douglas as he is on track to be a music superstar.

The former Asda worker has no fear he will be going back to stacking shelves with talks that the 22-year-old is set to start a career in America.

Jahmene, who was shy and nervous when he first stepped out at the auditions for the X Factor, has grown through the competition and is already talking of releasing his first album.

After coming back down to earth yesterday, Jahmene is now setting his sights on inspiring others.

He said: “The weekend was a blessing. It was just amazing to sing in front of 10,000 people and to go on stage with Nicole was amazing.

“I think the percentages on the night were so close it was just one of those things. I still won just making it through to the final two.

“What’s next? Obviously there’s going to be an album, I’ve just got to find the right people to work with.

“I want it to be something serious and an inspiration for others.”

Jahmene wanted to thank his fans who voted for him and turned out for the home-coming last Wednesday, which made X Factor history as the biggest one ever.

“All I can really say is thank you and if I could hug them all I would,” he said.

“It was pretty insane to see so many people there for me and Nicole, it was a extremely surreal.

My family were really proud of me making it to the top two and this is not the end for me, it is only the beginning.”

Jahmene has always said that Whitney Houston was an idol to him and is set to follow in her footsteps by heading stateside to meet legendary producer Clive Davis.

The gospel singer is set to use mentor Nicole Scherzinger’s American contacts to get his big break after missing out on the lucrative recording contract to James Arthur at the weekend.

He said: “America is an option, there’s a lot of people interested, but I want to start at home.

“The X Factor has been a massive boost for me, I never thought I would make it past the audition, and each week I was doubting myself.

“To go through to the top two meant everything to me.”

Show mogul Simon Cowell has said publicly that he is a big fan of the Swindon singer and X Factor judge Louis Walsh revealed last week that he has been talking to Cowell and he said he has ‘big plans’ for both winner James and Jahmene.

Jahmene is expected to sign to one of Sony Music’s labels in the UK and fans could see an album within the year.

Speaking on the show, Jahmene said: “It’s not just winning the competition, it’s winning in life.

“I just want to make that great album now the show is over.”

After the show Jahmene took to Twitter to thank everyone who had voted for him throughout the series.

He said: “Feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful to be where I am in life. I’m thankful for all of the support you’ve freely given