The gloves sported by Daniel Craig in Skyfall, the latest James Bond film screening around the world, were created by Warminster firm Dents.

Dents crafted the black gloves especially for the actor to wear in the latest blockbuster movie, which has won rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

A spokesperson for the long-established firm, based at Furnax Lane, Warminster, said: "Dents crafted the black gloves specifically for Daniel Craig to wear in Skyfall.

"Keeping his trigger finger nice and toasty whilst climbing around on rooftops, you can see Bond wearing the gloves in the Shanghai airport scene and on the London rooftop."

Bond, renowned for his impeccable sense of style, has become a sartorial icon for many men over the years, and the black ‘James Bond’ gloves - the very same design worn by Daniel Craig - are currently for sale on its website at for a limited time.