A freak fire has forced a South Wraxall pub to remain closed, only days after it was devastated by flooding.

The Longs Arms shut on Sunday, November 3, after a burst drain flooded the bar.

As soon as the owners had replaced the ruined carpet, an electrical fire took out the power.

Neighbours awoke to the sound of a dog in the early hours last Friday and alerted the fire service at 2.15am.

Crews from Bradford on Avon and Trowbridge evacuated the premises and put out the fire, which was traced to a fuse board at the rear of the pub.

Minor damage was done to the main building, but the smokehouse was destroyed. Power is still off at the pub, which could now remain closed for weeks to come.

Landlord Rob Allcock said: “The amount of Christmas trade we have turned away is incredible. We’ve had to cancel all our bookings and parties and throw out all our restaurant stock. We don’t know how long we’ll be without power. We just have to be confident we can get back up and running again.”

Villagers helped out after the flood and many have stepped in again.

Mr Allcock said: “People have been incredible. There’s a lovely village spirit here.”