A slippery road surface is being blamed for two separate accidents resulting in cars ending up in the same ditch on the Marlborough-Ramsbury road near Mildenhall.

PC Jeremy Bachelor said it was believed that the “greasy” road surface, a combination of mud and dead leaves, had caused the accidents.

One of the incidents was on Sunday and the other this morning at about 8.45am. They occurred near the Mildenhall side of the Stitchcombe junction.

The first car to come to grief yesterday was a Fiat Punto driven by a man from the Woodborough area and which ended up completely in the ditch.

The driver was the only occupant and he walked away unscathed.

The second accident was at about 8.45am today when a woman from Axford lost control and her car rolled over before coming to rest on its wheels on the verge.

She was the only occupant was treated for cuts and bruises at the scene by ambulance paramedics.

A woman who lives nearby said: “It’s happening far too often - something needs to be done about it.”