To mark Alcohol Awareness Week, which runs until November 25, Wiltshire residents are being encouraged to pledge not to drink alcohol for at least two days a week.

From today, to help promote a healthier lifestyle, Wiltshire Council and NHS Wiltshire want residents to sign a pledge committing to staying alcohol free for at least two non-specific days a week.

The pledge is to coincide with Alcohol Awareness Week which is an annual campaign to highlight the dangers of consuming too much alcohol. For more information and to sign the pledge people should visit

During Alcohol Awareness Week a series of road shows are taking place throughout the county to offer confidential advice on the potential dangers of alcohol and enable people to sign up to the pledge.

There will also be an opportunity for people to have their cholesterol and blood pressure checked both of which are important indicators of possible risk in relation to key alcohol related conditions such as hypertension.

The road shows are taking place from 10am to 3pm on the following dates and venues: Trowbridge- town centre – November 20; Amesbury – Central car park – November 21; Devizes- outside the Bear Hotel – November 22 ; Chippenham – outside the Angel Hotel – November 23; Salisbury – outside the Guildhall – November 24.

Keith Humphries, cabinet member for public health and protection, said: “Signing this pledge will emphasise people’s commitment to wanting to lead a more healthier lifestyle. We want people to drink responsibility and have more awareness of the damage that regular drinking can cause.

“We recognise staying alcohol free for at least two days a week might be a big commitment for some, but one that will be really worthwhile.”

Maggie Rae, corporate director ofpublic health & public protection, said: “This is another example of a positive project which will improve the health of our residents.

“Alcohol Awareness Week provides us with another opportunity to raise important issues and highlight key messages in relation to alcohol; it is something we are proud to support”.