Cars driving through flooded areas of Ogbourne St Andrew are pushing water into the homes of nearby residents.

The flooding has been caused by underground springs pushing water up onto the road.

A council spokesman said: “Rising ground water is causing significant flooding problems across the county, in Ogbourne St Andrew this is due to underground springs pushing the water up onto the road.

“We understand this is causing some disruption for the residents and we are working with them to keep this to a minimum. “The local parish steward has been inspecting the area regularly and as there are no problems with the highway drainage system, we have to wait for the water levels to fall naturally.

“Flood warning signs have been placed in this area and the situation will continue to be monitored.”

The fire service has not yet had to be called to the area but they would like to remind motorists to think before driving through flooded areas where water could be dispersed into properties.

Anyone who wants to report any road related flooding should contact Clarence on 0800 232323.