People across the country will be checking in to Melksham next week, as a town hotel appears on a Channel 4 reality show.

Graham and Lisa Ellis, of Well House Manor, will be appearing on Four in a Bed, a show that pits bed and breakfast owners across the country against each other, to find out who offers the best value for money.

The show was filmed in early September last year and episodes will be airing on Channel 4 at 5pm every day next week.

Mr Ellis said: “We had a lot of fun taking part in the show, and we can’t wait to see how it all comes out.”

In the show, four hotel owners take turns to host the others, inviting them into their hotel and taking them on an activity in their town.

In the final show, next Friday, the four guests get together to rate each other’s hotels, with the winner getting a cash prize.

Graham and Lisa spent nights in a castle in Perth, a guest house in Blackpool and a campsite in Worcestershire, as well as welcoming the three other couples to Melksham.

Mr Ellis said: “When people come to stay in a bed and breakfast they tend to be reasonably nice, but with a TV crew behind them, encouraging them to horrible to you, it can get a little stressful.

“They were four very different places and with people who typically wouldn’t usually come to stay.”

As well as providing rooms for their guests, Graham and Lisa had to provide an afternoon activity.

Mr Ellis said: “We started with what looked like a boring tour of the town, but then we met the town crier and staged a little competition.

“I think we put on an excellent show in Melksham.”

Well House Manor is a business hotel, offering IT training courses and conference facilities.

The episode of Four in a Bed filmed in Melksham is due to be screened on Wednesday.