Westbury Heritage Society committee member Derek Whale is hoping to get more people interested in the history of the town.

Mr Whale, 69, of Westbury Leigh, has been busy creating the latest display for the centre in the High Street, which showcases interesting exhibits and exhibitions on the town, its history, culture and heritage.

The new window display consists of items rescued from the recently demolished Oak Inn in Warminster Road.

Mr Whale’s display includes one of the windows from the old snug bar at the pub, as well as several other items from the pub and bottles from the mineral water bottling factory.

He said: “We put on new displays every two months in the visitor centre and I managed to save a number of items from the Oak Inn before it was demolished.

“The items made an ideal display and include the finial, which was taken from the top of the pub.

“I also managed to get photographs inside the pub before the demolition, but those are not on show yet as we will probably use them in the next window display.

“We would like to get more people involved in West-bury’s interesting history and the more people we have to help, the more we can hopefully learn about the town and its buildings.”

Chairman of the Westbury Heritage Society Keith Miller said that the society wanted to avoid another building such as the Oak Inn being demolished.

He added: “We have become concerned about the heritage of Westbury being slowly lost, which would be a massive shame as the town has an incredible history.

“The demolition of the Oak Inn shouldn’t have happened, especially as we found out the building dated back to the early 17th century.

“We want more people to be aware and the more people who join us, the better chance we have of ensuring that the situation with the Oak Inn doesn’t happen again.”

The next meeting of the Society will take place on January 29 at Westbury Methodist Church.