DOG owners are being told to control their pets in the countryside, after a series of attacks on livestock at Upton Scudamore led to the death of a lamb.

Warminster farmer Jim Dufosee issue his warning after one of his lambs died after being bitten on the neck.

Mr Dufosee, who runs Farnicombe Farm, has had his flock attacked twice by dogs recently.

The first incident happened on December 18, when a dog which had been let off its lead chased and attacked three lambs. One was bitten and died days later.

On New Year’s Eve, when another dog was let loose by its owner, it chased and injured a pregnant ewe.

Mr Dufosee, 50, said: “The first incident was pretty bad, as three of our lambs were injured and one of them ended up dying.

“The owner did let us know on the first occasion, and was quite reasonable, but we only found out about the second when a vet called to tell us he treated the ewe after being informed by a passer-by.

“Dogs chasing sheep can also cause them to abort, but we won’t know if this is the case with our pregnant ewe until she gives birth safely.

“We are forever stopping dog walkers to say their dog needs to be kept on a leash.

“I know it is difficult, as most owners want to let their dogs off to get a good run around, but it is dangerous and it affects our livelihood.”

If a dog is caught worrying livestock, the landowner has the right to take action, including shooting the dog, if needed.

Mr Dufosee lives with wife Jacqui and sons Joe, 19, and Sam, 21, at the farm. Joe said: “As long as dog walkers keep their dogs on a leash, there won’t be a problem, but we don’t want to lose more livestock.”

Police Inspector Lindsey Winter said: “I understand dog walkers enjoy their dogs running free, but this has to be tempered by the livestock grazing around us.”