Steeple-Ashton-based amateur weatherman Geoff Witts has recorded the deepest overnight snowfall since 1985.

Mr Witts has been monitoring the weather in Wiltshire for 45 years, and reported 100ml of snow at 9am this morning.

He said: "The last time I measured 100ml of snow was way back in 1985, when we had 100 one day and then 70 the next.

"I've checked my records and more recently we had 80ml in January 2010 and in February 2009, when we had four days of heavy snow.

"Measuring snow isn't an exact science, but I'm fairly confident it's the most depth we've had for a very long time."

The temperature at 9am was -0.5 degrees, which could mean more snow to come. Mr Witts said: "As long as it stays below zero it's going to keep coming."