A consultant from Royal United Hospital is warning people to stay at home as today’s snowfall is set to turn to ice.

Dr Clare Taylor, a consultant who works in emergency medicine at RUH, said:  "When the snow first falls people are sensible and stay at home. But it will be over the next few days, when people can’t see what they are walking on, that we will see an increase in falls.

“We see people who have only taken one step out of their door and slipped because they are not prepared.

“Very few things are worth falling over and breaking something. We are already seeing people admitted because of falls and sledging accidents. It is a horrible experience for them. I would advise parents to encourage their children to wear cycle helmets when they are sledging.

“We will have problems with staff coming in and an increase in admissions so it will really make a difference if people are sensible and careful.”