ARTHRITIS sufferer Samantha Scull, who could not get into her own bathroom because of the condition, has had her life transformed by a new wet room.

It will allow Mrs Scull, of Woodland Road, Chipp-enham, to shower independently and give her privacy.

It was provided by Somerset company Impey Showers, which runs a scheme to install free wet rooms for people with mobility problems.

Mrs Scull, 42, was diagnosed with arthritis in 1995. Over the years she suffered a severe deterioration in her condition, which now affects many of her joints.

During the past year she was forced to live from her lounge – eating, sleeping and washing there because she could not get upstairs.

Mrs Scull and her husband Paul were refused full grant funding for any adaptations to be carried out because he has a full-time job in a supermarket and she receives benefits.

A means-tested assessment concluded they would have to pay £14,000 towards the cost of any project, more than the work would cost.

Lynne Langdale, the Scull’s caseworker from Aster Living Care and Repair home improvement agency, nominated them for a wet room on their behalf.

She also applied for funds from the Chippenham Borough Lands Charity to install a stair lift at their home, opening up access for Samantha to the first floor of her house.

Ms Langdale said: “I wanted to do something to help. They were the most worthy, deserving couple I’d seen in my time as a caseworker and I wanted to do something to improve their situation.

“Because of her condition Samantha was unable to do anything without her husband’s support. She was trapped in her own lounge and living without the basic things you’d expect to have in everyday life.

“The wet room has given Samantha and Paul a lifeline to be able to function like a normal family again.”

Mrs Scull said: “Paul and I cannot express our thanks enough to Impey Showers for providing this wonderful wet room.

“It will change our lives forever, giving me some of my independence back and a better quality of life. We are so grateful and will never forget what Impey has done for us.”

Nominations are being invited for Impey Cares adaptations to be carried out. To make a nomination visit