Burbage football club Rosier Rovers can continue playing at their home ground thanks to a grant from Pewsey Area Board.

The team was set up last year and is based at Burbage Village Hall, but poor facilities could have forced them to find somewhere else to play.

Manager William Rosier said: “I wanted to start a local team because there wasn’t really one around here.

“We are part of the Swindon and District Sunday League and they’re governed by the FA, and there’s quite a strict set of rules.

“Because there hasn’t been a local team for so long the showers at the village hall were cut off.

“One of the conditions of joining the league was that we get the showers fixed but because we’d been quite lucky with funding I didn’t want to push it but some of the teams we’ve played have complained to the league about the showers.”

If the team had been unable to fix the problem they would have had to find somewhere else to play. Thanks to a £960 grant, they can now improve the shower facilities and stay in Burbage.

Mr Rosier said: “We’d have had to move if we couldn’t get the showers fixed but I didn’t want to do that because the team is about community spirit.

“Everyone will be really pleased that we can stay because some of the players that are very much based in the village and have grown up together.

“I’d like to thank the White Hart, MRH builders, Flawless Floors, Wiltshire Football Association and Burbage Village Hall Committee for all their help and support.”