Police are seeking information after receiving a report of a man approaching a young girl in Masefield Road, Warminster at 5.20pm yesterday (January 29).

The man is described as black, with black teeth and is reported to have offered the 10-year-old, who was out alone, a lift. The girl refused and the man then drove off towards Victoria Road.

He is described as having a large black estate car and wearing a distinctive top with red and blue sleeves and a grey body.

Police consider this to be an isolated incident, but if there are any other similar reports then the police do need to know.

Inspector Lindsey Winter said: “I appreciate this is a real worry especially for those living in the vicinity of Masefield Road, but this does appear to be an isolated incident at this time.

“It is really important that if there are any other similar sightings or reports then the police are informed as soon as possible so any searches or patrols can be made straight away.”

Work is ongoing to ascertain if the vehicle has been sighted elsewhere in the town especially those areas covered by CCTV.

Any witnesses who may have seen the vehicle or man should contact police on 101.