Trowbridge Cricket Club has been stumped after it was banned by Wiltshire Council from playing live music at its pavilion.

It had the right to host live and recorded amplified music removed from its premises licence during a Western Area Licensing Sub Committee meeting held in Monkton Park, Chippenham.

The meeting was called after Tracy Gates, of Downhayes Road, complained to the council that the music playing from the club at evening functions was too loud. The meeting heard the club had held music events where equipment hadn’t been plugged into a traffic light limiter device, which monitors decibels levels, installed as a condition of its licence.

“My children and I are often disturbed, woken or prevented from going to sleep by the sound of the music coming from the cricket pavilion,” said Mrs Gates, who had recording equipment installed in her home by the council.

“We have even contemplated moving house and uprooting our family to avoid the continuing problem. My partner is so unhappy he wants to do this, but I don’t feel we should have to.”

During the proceedings, Colin Poplett, vice president of Trowbridge Cricket Club, said the club had surveyed around 50 surrounding houses, in Downhayes Road, Lower Court, Islington and Seymour Road, and had not received any complaints about loud music.

“We asked them if they did or did not agree with us playing music. Not one of them complained and they are nearer than the complainant,” he said. “For one family to say we are not having it is unacceptable.”

After the decision has been confirmed in writing, Trowbridge Cricket Club will have 21 days to appeal.