THOUSANDS of gallons of water burst through the ceiling of Uplands School after a pipe burst.

The school, in Tadpole Lane, which teaches pupils with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties, was closed to students today after four inches of water flooded the hall and reception area.

It is expected to open to Key Stage 4 and 5 students tomorrow but the electricity and hot water supply is out of action and it is up to parents whether they want their children to attend.

The school will remain closed to the rest of the pupils tomorrow.

Headteacher Jackie Smith said: “Everyone is working around the clock.

“The staff have been mopping to try and get the school operational as soon as possible.

“Water damage is awful. It is long term and long reaching. Everyone is clubbing together.”

It is thought a pipe in the roof burst over the weekend, which led to water building up on the flat roof and eventually bursting through the ceiling.

Mrs Smith found out about the damage at 7am today.

“Our caretaker got in before me and was very concerned. The water was still coming through the ceiling,” she said.

“At first we were hoping we could make the school safe for our young people because our parents desperately depend on us.

“The judgment call was made at 8am because we had no electricity or hot water and the security system wasn’t working.”

The school could not put a notice on its website this morning because the server went down due to the water, but that is now back up and running.

Although the classrooms were not damaged, the security system on the classroom doors is not working as a result of the incident.

Year 7, 8 and 9 will not be in school tomorrow but Year 10 to Year 14 can return should parents want them to.

Engineers will be on site tomorrow and it is hoped the school will be open to all pupils on Wednesday.

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