A WRESTLER is trading the ring for the silver screen after landing the role of a snarling baddie in a movie set to go on general release at cinemas across the country.

James Dunn has been cast to play a vicious character called Bobby The Beartrap in RhumbleRama.

He landed the role after being contacted by writer and director Andrew Carson, who was originally looking to hire a wrestling ring for a month.

James, who runs 4 Front Wrestling training school, also helped Andrew cast the film at auditions in Manchester and was taken on to provide expertise on how to make the action look real – before getting the call offering him the part.

The action-comedy follows a group of out-of-work actors with questionable fitness who create a new style of wrestling with heightened theatrics.

Their shows become a cult internet sensation, but incurs the wrath of some of the grizzled veteran wrestlers, who join forces against the newcomers.

The former Kingsdown School pupil, who has never appeared in a film before, said: “We did the auditions and cast the film but the role of Bobby the Beartrap hadn’t been filled.

“He’s a mixed martial arts fighter who is a relentless, horrible person, which I’m quite good at doing anyway.

“I got a phone call from Andrew asking me if I wanted the part “I’m still in shock that I’ve been asked to do it.

“It all came from being asked to hire out the ring and then to train the actors to make them look authentic and then doing the casting.

“I read through the script after getting home from a wrestling show at 1am and I was sat laughing in the kitchen.

“There are some real top comedy lines in it.”

James, who wrestles as JD Knight, trains at 4 Front Wrestling, based at Cheney Manor industrial estate. The 29-year-old, of Stratton, will shoot his scenes in June with a cinema release planned for next year.

The film, backed by Pinewood studio, will feature other professional wrestlers To find out more about the 90/10 Productions movie, visit www.facebook.com/RhumbleRama You can also follow on Twitter @Rhumblerama


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