Members of the Calne Diving Club need a new home for their 21ft motor boat so they can take it on regular trips locally and to the South Coast.

The rib inflatable motor boat has been stored at a farm in Lyneham for more than a year, but this location makes it difficult to take back and forth to diving sessions.

Last year the group, which trains at the Calne Leisure Centre every week, only used the boat five times despite the fact it pays to store it.

Open water instructor John Dodsworth, who has been club chairman for five years, said in the past they had used the boat to visit a submarine wreck near Chesil Beach and a Second World War wreck sunk by a torpedo in Lyme Regis.

Mr Dodsworth said they were looking for a space to keep the boat between Calne and Melksham, where most of the club’s members were based.

He said: “It’s in the wrong direction – we have to go to Lyneham before we take it back to the coast and it’s not near to anybody in the club.

“It was only a temporary thing, the gent who owns the land said I could keep it there for a couple of months and that was a year ago.

“It’s visible from the road so it’s not an ideal place and it’s also quite expensive.

“A corner of a farmer’s field would be fine to us if we could get to and from it. The ideal thing would be in a barn out of the elements but that’s not a priority really.

“We want to get use out of it. It’s an expensive piece of kit to sit around all year.”

The club helps members to achieve the CMAS, a globally recognised diving qualification. In the past it offered courses on driving the boat, chart work and navigation.

The boat is equipped with side imaging sonar that allows divers to see a 3D picture of the sea bed. It is fully insured by the club and sits permanently on a trailer so it can be moved easily.

Mr Dodsworth, who is hoping to take the boat out in March, said he wanted to find a space for it by then.

He said: “Anyone who is able to help us out would be welcome to come out on the boat with us. It shouldn’t be any hassle to them. We don’t want to be constantly causing trouble for anyone.

“We’ve got a good reputation for being a nice bunch of friendly people.”

If you can help the club, ring 07769 874884.