A DRUGS courier arrested after a huge seizure of crack cocaine has been jailed for five years.

Victoria Lamb, from Swindon, was detained after stepping off a train from London at Aberdeen station with accomplice Marcus Haswell.

The pair had almost 750 grammes of the drug between them, estimated to have a street value of £93,000, the High Court in Edinburgh heard.

Lamb, 26, and Haswell, 31, from Brixton, London, were arrested on September 1, 2011 and were convicted last month after a trial at the High Court in Dundee.

The seizure was one of the largest ever made by Scottish police.

At the sentencing on Monday, Haswell’s counsel, solicitor advocate Iain Paterson, told the court that his client still did not accept the jury’s guilty verdict.

Lamb’s counsel, advocate Jonathan Crowe, said his client was a mother-of-two who had suffered a traumatic childhood. He said she became involved in the drugs trade after the end of a relationship. He also said that Lamb was a “minor player” and asked Lord Stewart not to send her to prison. But Lamb was jailed for five years and Haswell, who has 16 previous convictions, for six. Lord Stewart said: “I am not of the belief that you both operate at the lower end of the drugs trade.”

Lamb, of Frobisher Driver, Walcot, has been involved in a series of crimes in Swindon, including an attack on a teenage girl in April 2007.

She joined a female friend to attack the 16-year-old, who was robbed by another male accomplice.

The victim was dragged to the ground and kicked.

Lamb received an 18-week suspended sentence for the assault, which was described as “wholly disgraceful” by Judge Douglas Field at Swindon Crown Court.

She also took part in a joint attack on man in January 2009, for which she received a four-month jail term suspended for a year, along with 100 hours community service.