A Trowbridge man gave his girlfriend a Valentine’s surprise when he proposed to her live on the radio.


Neil Mitchell, 34, took his partner Beth Ashman, 21, to Heart’s Swindon studios with her expecting to be taking part in the station’s Big Town Showdown competition.

Instead, Mr Mitchell, a logistics manager at Eurocell, in Trowbridge, interrupted the broadcast and popped the question and Miss Ashman who said yes.

Miss Ashman said: “It was a complete shock, as I thought I was doing the competition, when he proposed I really wanted to say something romantic back but on the spot I really couldn’t think so I just came out with yes.

“The night before, I’d had a dream that during the questions the presenter was going to stop me and say you’re not here for the quiz we want to give you £1m, so when the presenter did stop and said that I got really nervous. I really want to get married so being proposed to was just as good.”

Mr Mitchell planned the romantic gesture after the couple endured a difficult 2012 with Miss Ashman having a hard pregnancy.

Mr Mitchell said: “We had our baby Owen last year and there was a lot of complications with the pregnancy and a 75 per cent we might lose him but thankfully we didn’t.

“But Beth didn’t really have chance to her 21st birthday, last March, as she was heavily pregnant, so I thought that it would be good to propose on air for her birthday this year but Heart then suggested the Valentine’s proposal which I thought was a good idea.”

The couple, with live in Croft Court, with their nine-month-old, plan to get married next year.

Mr Mitchell’s proposal was recorded on Tuesday and aired on Heart yesterday as part of their Valentine’s Day coverage.

Miss Ashman said: “It was very romantic and took a while to plan, he kept going off emailing and texting and now I know why, it was such a nice thing to do for me.”