WHY not do something a bit different to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

At Marshfield Church Hall on Saturday you can enjoy a different view of the landscape of love, as through a medley of Shakespearean scenes and sonnets.

A team of performers from the wellknown local group, Shakespeare Live, will explore some of the many moods of love as represented in the work of the Bard, from the comic and the absurd to the dark and the tragic.

This captivating show has been performed to great acclaim at the Royal Shakes-peare Company’s open-air space, The Dell, and at the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham.

With quick-fire changes of character, mood and setting ,Shakespeare Live’s performers whirl you through a kaleidoscope of scenes from the poet’s best loved plays and leave you pondering some of the searching questions he posed about the role love plays in all our lives.

Tickets, £7, from Central Stores, Marshfield, or from 01225 891441. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a unique, entertaining and thought-provoking show.