MARLBOROUGH hair stylist Kim Roff is fuming over a mobile phone company’s failure to satisfactorily explain problems with her signal.

The self-employed hairdresser, who is 34, says the matter is having a severe impact on her business because clients cannot contact her.

Miss Roff has worked on a freelance basis at The Hair Company in Marlborough High Street, for four and a half years and relies on her phone for appointments.

She has been a Vodafone customer for 15 years but since November she has experienced problems with her signal.

The firm said it is an issue with “congestion”.

Miss Roff said: “It’s been an absolute nightmare.

“I rent a chair in the salon and clients have my mobile number so they can make appointments, but they haven’t been able to get through.

“Eventually they either have to come into the shop or just don’t bother, so it’s having a very negative impact on the business.

“I’ve been into the Vodafone shop and phoned customer services several times and they’ve told me it’s a problem with my phone, but it can’t be because when I first had problems my phone was only two days old because I’d just upgraded.

“Then I went into the shop a couple of weeks ago to tell them it was about time something was done, but they just said it’s a problem with the mast and they don’t know when it will be fixed.”

Miss Roff’s colleagues are also on Vodafone and have had the same problems.

She said: “We’ve all been with Vodafone for several years and haven’t had problems before, but this has been going on for four months with no end in sight.

“We can’t receive phone calls, we just get a message to say we’ve missed a call and get a voicemail.

“If you do eventually get to make a call, you then get cut off half way through.

“And text messages either don’t get received or arrive days late.

“If we did not pay our bill we would be cut off straight away, so why is it okay for them to keep fobbing people off and make us pay for something we are clearly not getting?”

Vodafone said there was not a technical problem with its mast in Marlborough.

A Vodafone spokesman said: “We have a problem with congestion – a mast can only take a limited number of calls at any one time so sometimes customers might find the service temporarily unavailable.

“We are looking at ways to improve capacity.”

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