A Holt couple have welcomed the arrival of twins, extending their family to five generations.

Brothers Elliot and Dominic Beattie-Williams were born at 2.46am and 2.47am respectively at the Royal United Hospital in Bath on January 20.

Many of the newborns’ relatives live in Holt and parents Catherine Beattie and Morgan Williams, both 26, have already introduced them to their great-great-grandmother, Ede Hopkins, 93, of Bradford on Avon.

It was a family get-together as she was joined by the children’s great-grandparents, Jo, 69, and Terry Hopkins, 71, and grandmother Sarah Lucas, 47.

Miss Beattie, who works for Candlelight Homecare, said: “Ede was absolutely amazed to meet them and just really pleased.

“The support we’ve had from the family has just been absolutely wonderful and of great help to us.

“When we found out we were having twins it was a bit of a shock, but there is a very strong link down Morgan’s side of the family.”

The boys’ arrival, five weeks early, took their parents by surprise.

Miss Beattie said: “Throughout I’d been up to the hospital with any quirks and on this day I was going to leave it, but my mum took me up and that was them coming. I was expected back home for a three-course meal, but that had to go in the fridge.”

The couple said they wanted to thank the midwives at hospital for all their help during Miss Beattie’s pregnancy.

Great-grandmother Mrs Hopkins said: “We are all just so pleased the babies are here and well, although we might have some trouble recognising them later on.

“Their great-great-grandmother was overjoyed.

“She was just really happy she could see them and be able to hold them. All the family will be here to support them and it is really nice that we all live so close.”

The first-time parents are now enjoying spending time with their sons, before Mr Williams has to return to his job at the Sir Isaac Pitman pub, in Castle Place, Trowbridge.