An award-winning cake baker and designer has helped Dorothy House launch its latest fundraising initiative this week.

Valentine’s Day marked the beginning of A Piece of Cake, an ongoing challenge to bake cakes for any occasion and raise money for the Winsley hospice.

Community fundraiser Yvonne Brunton said: “It is so easy to turn any gathering into a fundraiser for Dorothy House; a piece of cake, in fact. Just decide on your event, pick a date and a venue, send out the invitations and ask your baking friends to rustle up a cake.”

Sandra Monger, of Bath, named Celebration Cake Maker of the Year in 2012, is supporting the project with advice, recipes and tips.

She baked a Valentine’s Day cake to mark the launch.

Anyone hosting a bake party can get help with invitations, posters, balloons and bunting. Call Yvonne Brunton on 01225 721480.