Two men who targeted businesses in Trowbridge and Corsham were found guilty of conspiracy to defraud at Isleworth Crown Court today.

The six-week trial heard that Farouk Dougui, 39 from London and Jabey Alan Bathurst, 23, from Middlesex, earned £800,000 through 43 separate offences between May and November 2010 across the country which included defrauding Islington Motors in Trowbridge and Gardiner Houlgate, in Corsham as well as firms in Swindon and Salisbury.

Simohamed Rahmoun, 30, pleaded guilty to his part in the conspiracy during the trial and was remanded in custody.

The three offenders worked together to defraud by using foreign based fake credit cards to pay for valuable jewellery at a number of high profile auction houses while they also purchased electrical goods and car parts.

By the time the victims found out the cards were fake, the offenders had collected the items which were worth many thousands of pounds.

The offenders used their criminal activities to fund a lifestyle that was way beyond their means.

Rahmoun was claiming benefit at the time of these offences but had cars including a Bentley convertible, Audis and Mini Coopers in Morocco and Spain.

DC Amanda Carver, Senior Investigating Officer, who led the investigation and has now retired from the police, said that the group showed no remorse for the pain inflicted on their victims.

Dougui and Bathurst were remanded in custody and will appear at Isleworth Crown Court with Rahmoun for sentencing on Tuesday, February 26.

Barbara Ursula Goossens, 60 from London was found not guilty of conspiracy to defraud.

Det Supt Willie Glasgow said: “DC Carver has worked tirelessly on this case and her dedication to securing evidence, detailed analysis of the financial aspects, and unwavering commitment to bringing these offenders to justice is outstanding.

“She was the sole investigator on this large scale fraud case and it is down to her diligence and skill that we have three offenders convicted today.

“Mandy has now retired from Wiltshire Police but as is testament to her commitment, she has ensured that the judicial process was fully supported throughout the trial. We wish her all the best for her retirement.”