A ceramic artist inspired by her school reunion in Bradford on Avon has created a model of the Town Bridge.

Andrea Richardson, 46, from Malvern, was at a 1982-84 reunion for Fitzmaurice and Trinity school in October 2012 when the group took a walk to see the local landmarks.

She said: “Lots of memories of the town and the beautiful historic landmarks came flooding back.

“The little town bridge is a nostalgic response to the town and a small reminder of the mellow tones of the Bath stone that is instantly recognisable.”

Mrs Richardson, who originally trained as a journalist with the Wiltshire Times, now has a kiln in her house and fired the clay model before glazing it and posting the finished result on her Facebook page.

Her ex-classmates saw the page and asked her to make replicas for them.

She also aims to sell the models in local gift shops in Bradford on Avon as a souvenir of the town.