When Vicky Bolley was a teenager she regularly delighted audiences around Devizes with her singing.

Now the 25-year-old mother-of-one – better known by her maiden name of Victoria Morris – has been chosen to star in a new musical that will premiere at a theatre in Cheltenham later this year.

She said: “The musical is called Alchemy and it is a romance set in Victorian times. I play a girl called Eva Bonaduce who lives in the Italian Alps and nurses the hero back to life when she finds him shot.”

Eva joins the hero, Professor Samuel King, on a quest for artefacts to allow him to open a portal between life and death.

The musical was written by Clive Nolan, who plays the part of Prof King, in whose previous musical, She – based on the book by H Rider Haggard – Mrs Bolley understudied the lead role.

Mrs Bolley said: “The part of Eva was originally written for an alto, but Clive has rewritten it for a soprano so I can sing it.

“That’s quite flattering and shows how much he wants me for the show.”

Mrs Bolley and the other cast members are flying to Katowice in Poland to record a live concert version of the show for DVD, which will be available alongside the CD of the show music they have just recorded.

The cost of the trip is being borne by the Polish company Metalmind, which is producing the show.

The cast will perform the show at the Cheltenham Playhouse in September and are hoping a national tour will follow.

Mrs Bolley continued as a singer even after she left Devizes.

She regularly performs in pubs, clubs, at weddings, parties and social events. She is represented by Stuart Rankine at Dave Wicks Entertainments, based in Melksham.

Her parents, Peter and Julie, still farm chickens at Rowdecroft Farm, Rowde.