Police in Amesbury are urging people not to leave their valuables in vehicles after experiencing an average of one theft per day from cars in recent weeks.

There has been an increase in handbags and similar items being stolen from cars that have been left unattended at beauty spots by walkers, and police are focusing on people who leave valuables in their cars as well as the offenders.

Inspector Christian Lange said: “We are trying everything to ensure that people don’t leave valuables in their cars and are finding it increasingly frustrating that we continue to experience such preventable thefts.

“My officers will offer constructive advice to people who choose to ignore the previous warnings.

“In recent weeks, Amesbury sector has been experiencing an average of one theft per day from cars. Countywide there is an average of ten such thefts per day.”

Recently the Amesbury Neighbourhood Policing Team put up posters on every notice board in the area, which they hope will make people think about the security of their belongings.

Police are encouraging people to remove empty bags from their cars as opportunistic offenders will smash the window to steal them.