Young flautists performed at a special event at St Mary’s School, Calne, on Sunday.

The flute day saw children aged between seven and 18 from more than 15 local schools split into teams depending on their ability.

They learnt several pieces, from a South African pop number and Abba songs, to Brahms’ Lullaby and an American folk song arrangement named Arkansas Traveller.

Abigail Burrows, who has built up a global solo career, led a workshop alongside Chippenham flute teacher Tim Fosker.

She bought in a hand-made nine carat gold flute, performed Danny Boy and demonstrated pieces on the alto bass flute and piccolo.

At the end of the day, parents came to see the youngsters perform in a concert.

Organiser Debbie Matt-hews, a visiting flute teacher at St Mary’s, said the day was a chance for people who often practiced on their own to perform as a big group.

She said: “We had people who could only play a few notes to the really experienced people studying for a diploma.”