Florist Fleur Van Heijinigen had a thoroughly smashing television debut, when she won the Chippenham edition of Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me.

Miss Van Heijinigen, 28, who runs Theodora’s in the High Street, Corsham, was one of four contestants from Wiltshire in the dining show which aired last Friday.

Each hosted a three-course dinner party. Her Greek-themed toga party, complete with plate smashing and a slow-cooked lamb dish, was voted the best meal of the night and won her a £1,000 prize.

She said: “Unfortunately, three days after I won the money, my car broke down and I had to spend £700 getting that fixed.”

Also competing were Freshford personal trainer Mark Lamputt, Finnish musician Tehri Ikonen, of Kington Langley, and Keith McEvoy, an RAF engineer from Calne. The show can still be seen at www.chan