People in Bradford on Avon have been left searching for answers after waking up to find workmen resurfacing the grass path outside their homes.

Residents living in Avonfield Avenue are angry at not being consulted about the work and the prospect of street lighting being added to the path, running behind properties near Bradford on Avon Golf Course.

Neighbour David Parris, said: “There has been a lack of consultation and we cannot find anybody who we can talk to.

“There is no need to put lights there. We are not objecting to the path, but why Tarmac it? Could they have not done something else with the money?”

The path connects Mythern Meadow to Avon Close, providing access for people heading into town, but residents are concerned that a lack of bollards will encourage vehicle access, as the path leads to allotments.

Resident Louise Weissel, 46, said: “We accept the land is a bit muddy, but that is why we live in a rural area.

“It is over the top for what it needs to be and it is going to look like a road.

“We were told there will be no bollards unless someone does drive up, but that is a reactive action, not a preventative one.”

Charlie Caffyn, 39, said: “The path could have been smaller and different materials could have been used.”

A Wiltshire Council spokes-man said the work was a result of support from residents and the town council, plus demand through the area board’s community transport group.

He added: “When work is complete, it will be a much safer and more passable route to town.”