JUMPING red lights, doing double the speed limit and using a mobile phone were just some of the offences seen during a driving clampdown in North Swindon.

A police operation on dangerous and anti-social driving has been widely welcomed by local people.

The first of a series of operations aimed at tackling driving offences in the area took place during the evening of March 27.

Although largely focused on motorcyclists riding irresponsibly – the incidents of which have previously risen during the lighter months –the adverse weather conditions saw fewer bikes on the road, and led officers to target more car drivers.

Enforcement on Thamesdown Drive was part of the day of action and seven motorists were given fixed penalty notices.

One was given a court summons after being caught doing 74mph along Thamesdown Drive – nearly double the speed limit of 40mph.

Other offences included three drivers who were stopped for speeding, two running red lights, one person not wearing a seat belt and one person using their mobile phone.

Acting Police Sergeant Gavin Brewster said: “The operation was very well received by residents and dog walkers,who were pleased to see police patrolling cycle paths and fields on foot, bicycles and motorcycles.

“We will continue our drive to tackle anti-social riding of motorcycles throughout the coming months and I would like to remind all drivers that this is an on-going operation.

“Thamesdown Drive seems to get treated like a dual carriageway by motorists, but it serves a high residential population and is clearly signposted as a 40 miles per hour zone.

“The dangers of running red lights and travelling at excess speed are well known and are high contributors towards serious and fatal road traffic collisions, which is why the Roads Policing Unit along with the Neighbourhood Policing Teams will continue to enforce such offences.”

The operation was organised after complaints from residents about anti-social riders in Pinehurst, Penhill and Abbey Meads, with spring and summer seeing an increase in incidents involving irresponsible bikers.

Roads Policing Unit and West and North Swindon Neighbour-hood Policing Teams will be working together on special days of action as well as stepping up patrols generally, with off-road motorcycle patrols, foot patrols and unmarked cars to tackle the issue.

Sgt Brewster said: “We want to deter people from using their mini-motos, mopeds, motorcycles or quad bikes in public areas in an anti-social manner.

“There is a real risk of people getting seriously injured when these vehicles are misused.”

Anyone wishing to report anti-social driving should contact Wiltshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, anonymously if desired.