LITTERING has turned a beauty spot into an eyesore – and no one seems will to be willing to take responsibility for it.

Kevin Parry, of Nythe, is calling on Thames Water, whom he believes to be responsible, to clean up their act after becoming frustrated with the amount of litter left at Nythe Lake.

The former Swindon councillor often walks around the lake with his children and says the amount of rubbish being left at the site has increased over the past couple of months.

Many of the other lakes around that area, including Liden Lagoon, are used by fishing clubs so are kept in a good state, but Kevin thinks Nythe Lake has been forgotten about.

He understood Thames Water to be responsible for the land, but it says it is not.

Kevin said: “We have been going round there for a couple of months taking the children there and it is clear from the evidence in the lake and around the lake that it is not being maintained.

“It is only a small lake but it is a nice spot and it is being ruined by litter.

“I have written to Thames Water to complain about the litter and I am waiting for them to come back to me.

“The support is definitely there from local residents when I speak to them that something needs to be done.

“Neighbouring lakes like Liden Lagoon and Shaftesbury Lake are a lot cleaner and it is a shame that Nythe Lake is becoming an ugly relative.

“I have set up a Facebook group to get some support from residents and try and get the problem sorted.”

A spokesman for Thames Water said: “As far as we are aware Nythe Lake is not our responsibility. However, we are in discussions with Swindon Council to find out who owns the lake.”

A spokesman for Swindon Council said the authority believed Thames Water owned the lake.

To join the Facebook group search for Nythe Lake.