THERE is one lasting image I have taken away after seeing Boogie Nights The Musical - Gareth Gates in a pair of incredibly tiny denim shorts and an Indian feathered headdress.

I’ll come back to how good the show (and the cast) were in a minute but the singer camping it up across the Wyvern stage in that particular get up isn’t something I expected to see and took me by surprise (and admittedly 10 years ago I probably would have been clambering over the two rows in front of us to get closer - these days I’m much more restrained.) But back to the rest of the show.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this production. It is a musical but carries the tagline ‘in concert’ and in essence that it what it boils down to. It is a concert with a storyline...and is a really fun night out.

From the moment the live music gets underway (performed by The Jump Band, who deserved every bit of applause they received) the toes of everyone in the auditorium were tapping.

The basic plot follows the lives, music and loves of a group of friends, who all meet up (and perform) at the Boogie Nights club.

If you loved the 70s you will love this show as all of the hits from the decade are crammed in - from Hot Chocolate and Barry White (superbly performed by Andy Abraham) to The Osmonds and the Bee Gees, all bases are covered.

Younger members of the audience will recognise the cast, which includes the aforementioned short-wearing Mr Gates and Mr Abraham, Chico, Louisa Lytton and Shane Ritchie Junior.

Each put in a strong performance as their respective characters and engaged brilliantly with the audience.

They were joined by Emily Penny, Nicola Meehan and Roni Hart, who all put in solid vocal and acting performances, and Will Markus who drew laughs as Baz the doorman.

Everyone on stage looks like they are having a great time, and that infectious fun rubs off on the audience - and before you know it you are on your feet singing along and dancing.

Whether you remember the 70s or not, if you need a night out to lift your spirits you can’t go far wrong with the Wyvern this week.

Boogie Nights The 70s Musical runs at the Wyvern Theatre until Saturday. Tickets cost from £23.50 - £32.50. To book call 01793 524481 or log on to