The re-named Muddy Duck pub in Monkton Farleigh has reported a positive reaction to its launch week, despite a 150-signature petition opposing the name change.

The pub, formerly the Kings Arms, closed for a six-week refurbishment and reopened with a new bar, restaurant and bedrooms.

General manager Joe Holden said: “It has been really busy and well received. We have had lots of positive feedback.”

But Andrew Tucker, 40, who was involved in the petition to keep the name, said: “I am in no particular hurry to go in and I am still annoyed about it.

“The renovation is fresh, clean and uplifting but I am still of the opinion there was no need to change the name.”

Mr Holden said: “What people don’t realise is how close we were to closing down. Changing the name was part of stopping that and starting again and it has only done us good.”

New owner Nigel Harris also owns the Muddy Duck in Hethe, Oxfordshire, and joined up with Kings Arms owner Simon Blagden.

Mr Blagden, owner for seven years, said: “The pub industry in this country has changed. As long as we are improving, that should always win through.”