Children at Fynamore School have brightened up the entrance to their school by creating a colourful mural inspired by garden insects and flowers.

Pupils worked with Calne artist Josh Simpson to create basic designs on the themes of insects and flowers, and these were used to create clay reliefs for the mural.

The final design, which took two weeks to make, features a young boy and girl next to a sunflower, a ladybird, a snail and a bee.

Headteacher Carolyn Maddox said: “Josh has worked in the school before and no doubt we will have him in again because the children enjoy working with him.

“The children were given the opportunity to make designs and Josh chose the ones that looked like they could be modified into pieces. We had a lot of comments on how lovely it looked.

“I think it’s beautiful and insects and flowers lend themselves to a lot of creativity. It’s made an area that was a bit of a wasted space into a very practical area where parents can wait for children.”