A Trowbridge widower has launched a website which he hopes will help others diagnosed with serious illnesses and overcoming grief.

IT manager Mike Adams, 35, launched Clearly Positive to help him cope with the death in March of his wife, cosmetic nurse Helen, 34, following a long battle with breast cancer.

On the website, Mr Adams publishes blogs about how they both dealt with her illness, after she was initially diagnosed in August 2009, when she was pregnant with their second child Marley.

Mrs Adams gave birth in December 2009, and completed her cancer treatment in 2011, only for the illness to return later that year, with it worsening in 2012.

Mr Adams, of Lotmead, Staverton, said: “Helen and myself are both very positive people and I hope Clearly Positive can help people. I’ve had lots of good feedback from people going through similar adversity and they’ve told me how it has benefited them.

“It is also a relief for me to get things down and celebrate the good times we had. Myself and my wife saw her diagnosis as something we couldn’t control but we made sure we enjoyed our lives together and grasped as much as we could.”

Mr Adams, who lives with his four-year-old daughter Olivia and three-year-old son Marley, said that they are supporting each other following Mrs Adams’ death.

He said: “Our children are similar to their parents, they have a very positive attitude and we are going through this together.”

Mr Adams was a carer for his wife during her illness and he now tries to help others through the Widowed and Young Foundation’s Facebook page and his website.

Log on to Mike’s website at www.clearlypositive.co.uk for his Life as a Widower blog and links to the Widowed and Young Foundation, Carers Trust, Dorothy House Hospice, and cancer charities