THE BIG reveal of the very first Swindon Monopoly board is just a roll of the dice away. But before the momentous occasion, the very first landmark to appear on the board has been revealed.

It’s old – very old – so being on Old Kent Road is the perfect fit, said the board’s makers. And it is there by huge demand.

Arkell’s Brewery has grabbed the most talked about location on the new official board for the town.

The Monopoly: Swindon Edition makers Winning Moves UK say they will be keeping the vast majority of the other 21 Swindon Monopoly properties close to their Community Chests until the board is launched in October. An exact date will be announced in just a few weeks.

Old Kent Road is on a brown site and costs 60 Monopoly notes. It is sometimes dubbed one of the more challenging locations on the board because it is on the lowest ranking location.

It is also arguably the most talked about site – alongside Mayfair, the board’s most expensive property. But many players like the brown set as it is modest to buy and provides reasonable returns.

Dan Taylor, head of custom games at Winning Moves UK – who are producing the board under official license from Monopoly owners Hasbro – says he believes the brewery has landed a massive coup.

“The Old Kent Road position is one of the most talked about and high profile locations on the Monopoly board,” he said.

“It’s a plum and prestigious spot.

“We will be keeping the vast majority of the board a secret until we launch the game, but we have decided to announce this site first as it’s the very first location on the board.

“More than 2,000 landmarks, streets or roads could potentially have appeared on the board.

“Realistically around 220 were in the running so many congratulations to the 22 who made the final cut.”

Arkell’s Brewery director George Arkell said: “The Old Kent Road is a great spot – we’re delighted to be included on the Swindon Monopoly Board in our 170th anniversary year.”

Earlier this year when news of the board was announced, the public were invited to vote as to which town property landmarks should be selected to swap places with the famous London sites and sights. Mr Taylor said: “We would like to formally thank the Swindon public for all their votes.

“Without the public’s support this unique and official board could not have been produced.”

After voting had closed the makers revealed they had been oversubscribed for all the locations, although they did reveal there were less nominations for Old Kent Road than some of the other higher profile locations like Mayfair and Park Lane.

Winning Moves UK report that inquiries to buy the new board have come from all the world.