Floodwater in and around Malmesbury has closed roads, damaged properties and once-again devastated the already struggling football club, which was still trying to recover from last year’s flood damage.

Several properties at St John’s Bridge have flooded again according to police reports, while Kingway Bridge on the A429 Corston is completely blocked this morning.

Pumps have been operating at Malmesbury Vics Football Club throughout the night to keep the water levels inside the clubhouse below four inches, however, the pitch is knee-deep in water in sights reminiscent of last year.

The damage in 2012 prompted a fundraising effort to help the cash-strapped club, so last night’s flooding is a major set-back for it.

“I think this is going to absolutely cripple us finance-wise,” said club secretary Julie Exton.

“The water is knee-deep; we didn’t think it was going to be this bad.

“I absolutely dread what is going to happen to us now.”

The club’s next match is on January 4, however, skittles matches and a New Year’s party are planned for the festive period.

Mrs Exton’s son Christopher has been at the club overnight using three petrol water pumps to try and keep flood waters down.

Nearby, the Athelstan Players store and rehearsal facilities were also hit with an estimated six inches of flood water inside this morning.

The club had just launched their fundraising campaign for a new clubhouse after the floods of last year also devastated their premises. Athelstan Players member Jackie Peel said: “I went down there last week and lifted everything off the floor as the water levels were looking high.

“We just have to wait until it subsides now and then it’s a case of mopping it up and putting the dehumidifiers on.

“We just have to carry on as we can for now.”

St John’s Bridge, Malmesbury; parts of Great Somerford, Brinkworth, Dauntsey and Foxley Road are all either blocked or running one way.

Chris Harvey, Wiltshire Fire And Rescue watch manager at Malmesbury Fire Station, said: “Crews have been in Malmesbury all night; we haven’t stopped.

“Some properties are flooded at St John’s bridge – some of those that were flooded last year.

“We are in Dauntsey at the moment where houses are flooded.

“Malmesbury doesn’t look as bad as the flooding last year but the surrounding villages are hit worse from what we have seen so far.”