A SPECIAL meeting for council bosses to reconsider changes to the borough’s green waste concluded with the same resolutions as before, with a new £40 fee being brought in for the service.

On December 11 the Swindon Council cabinet voted to pass plans which will see residents paying £40 a year from April to have green waste collected.

In addition residents’ recyclable waste will be be collected fortnightly rather than weekly from February.

At the council’s scrutiny committee on December 16, councillors agreed to refer changes in the waste collection service back to cabinet for further consideration after concerns were raised that a report drawn to enlighten members about the changes did not include enough financial information.

A revised report was presented to cabinet on Thursday evening with precise facts about the costing for the scheme. This included 11,620 green wheeled bins being bought for £261,000 and the additional sum of £147,000 being factored into the proposals to account for additional waste disposal costs in the event that there is an increase in residual waste.

If about 15 per cent of the population opt into the green waste fee then the authority will make savings of £576,000. But if 20 per cent of people decide they want their green waste being collected then the council would claw back up to £720,000 for the public purse.

Coun Richard Hurley, the cabinet member for public protection, housing and streetsmart said he was pleased a line can now be drawn under the debates and action can begin.

“Everything was highlighted that scrutiny wanted highlighted,” said Coun Hurley, who represents Covingham and Dorcan. “A lot of people were asking questions which were in the original report anyway. “The officers went away and did a lot of hard work to make sure the report went through and all credit to them.

“I think it was felt there wasn’t enough information in the original report but it was all there, it just needed a bit of reforming.”

He said leaflets about the new service would be sent out over the next few weeks.

About 6,000 people took part in the council’s consultation – a record number. “We did listen to people, our original plan was for a £70 charge which we have dropped to £40,” said Coun Hurley.