WORK on the Cheney Manor Flood Mitigation Scheme took a timely step forward yesterday as rain lashed down across Swindon in the latest instalment of the nationwide storm battering the country.

Long delays can be expected along Rodbourne Road and Cheney Manor Road for all of this week, while Thames Water conduct investigations into how the sewage update will expand, as the system moves forward.

There is a lane closure in Rodbourne Road, near the junction with Bruce Street Bridges. One lane will be closed on the inbound approach to the roundabout, with a contraflow in operation on the outbound.

To the north of the scheme, there are give-and-take traffic controls in place at the Kiln Lane junction in Cheney Manor Road. Long delays are likely for motorists, especially at rush hours.

The scheme, as a result of £6.9m of investment from Thames Water, will increase the capacity of the local sewer system, helping properties that have been prone to flooding. It will mean the network can cope with growth of the local area until 2026.

The scheme aims to improve the flood protection for 148 properties (of which 117 are residential) in the area.

All work is scheduled to be completed by August.