Malmesbury Victoria Football Club has flooded again causing further setbacks to the already cash-strapped club.

Members and supporters spent today battling to keep rising flood water out of the club house after the pitch was turned into a lake.

On Christmas Eve the pitch and clubhouse had to be pumped free of water after the river burst its banks, and since then club officials have been battling to keep it dry, however another bout of heavy rain in the early hours proved too hard a battle.

It comes just 12 hours after officials and supporters met to discuss the future of the club.

“Last night the pitch just had big puddles on it but since this morning the water has come up and at about 7am it came on to the pitch,” said club secretary Julie Exton today.

“Within a short time the water has risen up to the door of the club house.

“When I received a flood warning at 10am I thought ‘but it’s sunny’, but my son was working at the school and could see the water rising.

“He called me and said ‘mum, you better get up here quickly’.

“One of the supporters came to have a look and I grabbed him to help me lift everything up off the floor in the clubhouse again; we had only just taken it down for our meeting last night.”

During the meeting members agreed to apply for a no-interest loan from the Football Association, as well as carry out their own fundraising over the next few months. Long term, officials are looking to move the club.

In November 2012 the club was hit hard by the floods and spent the rest of 2013 fundraising to rebuild their facilities.

“The biggest thing we need is support now,” said Mrs Exton.

“We need more active committee members.

“We need to pull the community together and keep the club going.

“Come and use the club and come and be part of the club.”