Families coping with dementia shared festive cheer with volunteers from medical nutrition company Nutricia.

More than 30 people from Wiltshire with dementia attended the party with their carers, many family members. All are regular visitors to the Polebarn House Club in Trowbridge which is run by Alzheimers Support. Nutricia has a close relationship with Polebarn House and Alzheimers Support and gets involved in several events during the year.

Employees of the Trowbridge-based company gave their time to organise the event while other staff members donated food for the guests. Guests enjoyed quizzes, live music, food and fun at the buffet lunch which was managed by Nutricia employees Louise Reys and Rachael Trevett.

Sue Galloway, aged 61, attended the lunch with her 84-year-old mum Doris Pierce. Doris attends Polebarn House Club each Friday and Saturday.

Sue said: “It’s lovely to meet others and get support. It’s also lovely to meet youngsters who are genuinely pleased to spend time with us.”

Among those helping out was Louise Robbins, a Nutricia nurse on the company’s care line who also volunteers at the Polebarn House Club most Saturdays. “I’m passionate about caring for people with dementia. At work, I support people over the phone but at the weekend I like the close relationships I can develop with inspirational families,” Louise said.

Nutricia plans to keep on working with Polebarn House Club and Alzheimers Support during 2014.