A team that has helped and encouraged countless people to transform their lives will be out in force next week as part of a campaign designed to reinforce those New Year’s resolutions.

Swindon’s Healthy Weight Awareness Week runs from Monday until Saturday and, to coincide with the campaign, Swindon Council’s Health Improvement team will be passing on advice about how people can make simple lifestyle changes to manage their weight.

The team already runs a series of initiatives such as Dietbusters and the MEND programme, which are designed to help people lead healthier lives.

The week links to National Obesity Awareness Week and the Let’s Turn Obesity Around campaign to highlight the problem of obesity.

The Health Improvement Team will be at Penhill Library and community cafe on Monday between 10am and 1pm, Pinetrees Community Centre in Pinehurst on Thursday between 11.30am and 2pm and Asda Walmart at the Orbital between 11am and 3pm on Saturday.

People will be encouraged to sign up to the January Change4life Smart Swaps campaign to make one or more easy diet swaps every day.

In return for signing up, people will receive a free Smart Swaps pack full of healthier swap and meal ideas, money-off vouchers, fridge magnets, and the option to sign-up for additional e-mail and text support.

More details on 01793 465413 or www.leisureinswindon.co.uk