SOCIAL worker Louise Emily Coghlan has been struck off the HCPC Register for failing to conduct statutory visits, act on a report of abuse and attempting to conceal her failings whilst working for Swindon Council.

A panel of the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee heard that Coghlan falsely recorded a number of statutory visits to a vulnerable, looked-after child. She embellished her account of these alleged visits by mentioning actions taken by the child’s foster carer and school, none of which were true. The false records caused a delay in court proceedings involving the child and his family.

The Panel further heard that Coghlan failed to act on a referral where another vulnerable, looked-after child was reporting abuse by her father. Coghlan was dismissed by the council for gross misconduct.

Panel chair Elizabeth Carmichael said: “The registrant knew what was required of her in regard to these matters but chose not to act appropriately.

“Despite the passage of time since these incidents and her dismissal, there has been no real appreciation by the registrant of the impact of her failures. Furthermore, there is nothing to indicate that appropriate remediation had taken place to date, nor that this would occur if there were to be a further period of reflection.”

The Panel decided the most appropriate action was to strike Coghlan from the Register with an Interim Suspension Order in place to cover the appeal period.

Coghlan was not present or represented at the hearing.