An meeting calling for Wiltshire Council’s controversial allowance increases to be rescinded will be held on Tuesday, February 4.

The matter will be debated as part of their full council meeting taking place at County Hall and will begin at 10.30am.

In November, the council agreed to allowance increases which has seen leader Jane Scott’s allowances rise by 36.5 per cent a year, taking them from £37,335 to £52,227.

Cabinet members’ allowances have increased by at least 22 per cent, rising from £15,101 to £18,433 a year and councillors’ basic allowances have gone up by one per cent to £12,289 a year.

Under their constitution, for Wiltshire Council to debate a decision taken in the previous last six months and potentially overturn it, during a meeting, at least 10 councillors’ signatures are needed.

Wiltshire Councillors Terry Chivers, Jeff Osborn, Helen Osborn, Ernie Clark, all Independent, John Walsh, Ricky Rogers, Ian Tomes, all Labour, Trevor Carbin, Ian West and Brian Dalton all Liberal Democrats have signed the motion.

Coun Chivers said: “It’s clear that we are getting more and more support by the day to try and reverse this decision. I would encourage members of the public to contact their local councillor to ask them to support our motion.”

Coun Osborn said: “The fact that we now have cross party support for this is great news.”

After the council agreed to the allowance increase outraged tax payer Paul Gaunt set up a petition calling for Coun Scott and her cabinet to resign.

This has received more than 2,600 signatures and will be presented to the council during the meeting.

To view the petition visit