A MOTION is to be put forward at Thursday’s full council meeting which could lead to the creation of a shadow parish council for Nythe.

Last year it was decided that the new council would split from Stratton and now preparations are under ahead of the move which is due to come into effect in 2015.

Coun Julian Price (Lab, Covingham and Dorcan) has put forward the motion despite initially being against the move.

He wants to use a £25,000 grant from the National Association of Local Councils to set up the structure of the council and the bodies that will be required to run the council.

“With the decision now having been taken to make Nythe a Parish in its own right, I am keen to ensure that the new parish council and the services that will be provided for Nythe, are off to as good a start as possible and that is what my motion is all about,” said Coun Price.

“There are other key areas that still need to be discussed including the elected representatives serving on the Shadow Parish Council and the clerking arrangements for that body. That is why in the motion I am calling for the council to urgently resolve these matters so we can concentrating on preparing for the new parish council.”