The founder of the May Mile children’s run is spreading a healthy eating message among schoolchildren through art.

Zӧe Rucker, who is part of the learning support team at Chippenham’s Sheldon School, has produced an enormous black ink drawing saying ‘U R What U Eat’.

It took her 70 hours to create the 3 by 2 metre doodle by hand, which is hanging prominently in the school refectory, opposite another larger piece depicting the school’s motto ‘Unity & Loyalty’.

Artist Mrs Rucker, who owns The Doodle Studio in Chittoe, said: “I do believe in good eating, especially for brain power, and I jumped at the opportunity Sheldon gave me to try to pass on their encouragement.”

Mrs Rucker, who lives in Bromham, worked on the panels outside during the summer and is also running Doodling for Self Esteem workshops in schools.

She finds inspiration for her doodles from all around, including a deck chair she sat on, a pattern on her daughter’s jeans and a smear on her car windscreen.

Once inspired she gets stuck in straight away with continuous flowing lines of ink without any preparation in pencil.

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