LONGS Bar has closed its doors for two weeks whilst the venue has a refit and even moves its main entrance.

Benvolio Leisure Limited, aka Shaun Montague and Danny Mason, has shut the bar down until Friday, January 31, when there are plans for a full re-launch under the new managers.

The most radical change will be the re-siting of the bar’s entrance to the side of the building in Union Row, where the doors will be much wider.

There are also plans in the pipeline for a new logo to go with the interior changes, which include a vast amount of reclaimed wood and Chesterfield sofas.

Mr Mason said: “The refit will be taking it back to a reclaimed, natural, quirky, random look. It’s going to be like nothing Swindon’s got.

“There are going to be high-end, premium cocktails, again with a food menu to match it.

“It’s the best time of the year to do it. Closing down is all part and parcel of the process bars go through when they need a refit.

Old Town’s struggling at the moment; it’s not what it could be.

“We will have a very good cross between the two (day and night trade). We have got to be able to do the day-time business, but we are confident our rooms will meet night-time needs too.”